It takes a village…

No, I didn’t wake up like ‘dis. And while I’m not at entourage/glam squad/sycophant status (yet), the fact is it does take a team of people to make this happen and keep everything running smoothly. That said, I’m going to spill the tea on my head-to-toe beauty “team”! — xxAT



I will follow Tabitha Walker to the ends of the earth, and in the 10 years that she’s been doing my hair, I pretty much have — well, if the earth consists of the DC metro area. She has healed, maintained and loved my hair to healthy perfection and NO ONE can press the hell outta some hair like Ms. Tab. Yes, I said press … with a pressing comb … in a Marcel stove. Whatchu know about that?


For my week-to-week needs, I entrust my locks to January Jackson at Drybar in Georgetown. I used to always declare that I’d never let a non-black stylist touch my hair. That was before I met January. Her blowouts are on 100 and she’s the only person who absolutely nails my styling. Lost without yooooooou (Robin Thicke voice).



I’m not as obsessed with my nails as I am with my hair, but still, when I need a good mani-pedi, I know whom to call: Su. She is the adorable, affable nail tech at my neighborhood salon, ALN Nails, who’s quick with a smile — and a killer second coat.



Most days I do my own, but when I need a good beat for a special occasion or appearance, I e-mail Mitch Leyba, whom I met on a whim at Sephora a few years ago. That random trip to the mall turned into a friendship and to her coming to my house a time or two with an airbrush kit and errthang. She has taught me so much about dos, don’ts and being more daring.



There’s an angel in D.C. and her name, appropriately enough, is Angela the Bikini Waxer. Clearly, that’s not her government name, but y’all… Not only does this PR @ Partners pro know how to make an, um, unpleasant process bearable, but she is so sweet and so genuine that she makes you want to be a better person. That’s pretty deep when you’re lying on your back on a paper sheet. Am I right?



Shout out to all the guys and gals in hair & makeup at television shows far and wide who help me look alive and awake for camera. You da real MVP!