Keep on shinin’

You may have noticed that T.I.A. is all about showing love to other stylish women who make me jealous, but also make me smile. Introducing Margaret Zhang, the nymph-like Australian beauty behind SHINE BY THREE, your everyday, run-of-the-mill unconventional fashion blog. Yes, she snaps pics of her outfits and wears killer designers, but she’s not all let-me-pensively-stare-at-my-feet-and-pretend-this-isn’t-ridiculous about it. Because while you know I love a sturdily stylish woman, you also know that I’m totally over the whole “blogger” thing. MZ is intelligent, successful, adorable and, best of all, imperfect. Like most of us mere mortals, she’s been known to miss a day or two of posts. My girl. — xxAT


//Photos: Shine By Three//