FAB 5: My can’t-live-without-’em apps

By no means am I tech geek, but I do know my way around a gadget and I think it’s pretty safe to say I couldn’t do much without my phone/tablet/laptop. So, I want to share with you the 5 apps that get me through it all and prevent my (surely inevitable) spiral into madness. — xxAT

INSTAGRAM.Β Yes, I love Facebook and Twitter is great, too, but there ain’t nothing like the ‘Gram. IG, you’ll always be my babyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Mariah voice)


DELTA. Missed your flight? Need to re-book without ever talking to a human being? Want to track your luggage? Best (non-Virgin) airline with the best app.Lifesaver.


DROPBOX. Between T.I.A. and CocoaFab, I am awash in photos every day, so using an app that syncs across all devices is totally essential. Oh, and the screenshot auto save? Um, magic.


SHAZAM. I Shazam in the car, in stores, in hotels, in elevators, in restaurants, in airports, while watching TV/movies, in bars — even in bathrooms. I guess the real question is where don’t I Shazam?!


TAXI MAGIC. I travel every month, which means lots and lots and lots of trips to the airport and Union Station. Being able to book, set my pick-up time and pay without getting on the phone? Priceless. (Note: I enjoy Uber too, but only use it when I need a last-minute ride.)

Taxi Magic