Like a Fine wine

Not to brag but style has always been one of my strong suits. Even during the fashion-challenged ’90s, I was on-trend, whether that meant rocking those tragic chunky white lace-ups or the latest in babydoll-dress-and-velvet-choker couture.

Fortunately, I’ve never been without a fully-stocked wardrobe either, complete with way too many shoes and and an obscene amount of outerwear. My senior year of college, my best friend stalked into my walk-in closet at my new condo and declared ruefully, “What did you do to deserve all of this?!”

Needless to say, fashion is part of my DNA.


But, I feel a shift in my sartorial life, especially now that I’m on-camera almost every day and working on building my brand. I used to collect clothes and “save” them for special days and occasions, but now I truly am required to look my best each and every day.

On the one hand, it feels weird to bust out selections from the self-proclaimed VIP section of my closet on a random Tuesday, but on the other, I truly do feel and look my best of all-time, i think. I interviewed Nia Long last week and she told me she doesn’t worry about aging, in part because black don’t crack, but also because she thinks she’s getting better with age, too.

I truly do understand where she’s coming from, and am thrilled to feel so confident even as the years keep ticking by. So, here’s to 31 and 32 (in about 60 days) and, hell, to 42 and beyond.

Cuz I ain’t worried ’bout nothin… xxAT