Scribble Me This…

P1030701I’m totally a visual person, which means if I don’t write something down or see it written out, it’s difficult for me to recall it later.
That said, I’m naturally a sucker for organizers, calendars and themed notebooks, which brings us to my discovery of May Designs, a small printing company that creates custom notebooks for what they call “paper dorks.”
Every December, I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the perfect calendar/organizer for the next year, so imagine my delight when I realized that May Designs doesn’t just make adorable blank notebooks, but they also offer a variety of inside page options including a budget journal, calorie counter, meal planner and more.


About an hour and a few dollars later, I had four custom notebooks — a 2014 agenda, budget journal, a blank to-do book and a special blank book for Notre Dame business — floating happily in my cart.
It felt like Christmas when I saw my box of May books sitting at my desk Tuesday morning after returning to work post-Labor Day.


Besides continuing on my quest of extreme organization, I love that May lets my personality show through in the customization.
I mean, not every paper company lets you incorporate a Wu-Tang reference in your order, ya dig?  — xxAT