Four Favorites

Here’s the latest batch of products and problem-solvers that are on my radar. Special shoutout to my jumbo bottle of aloe for helping to tame my first-ever and totally miserable sunburn. Peeling is absolute torture. Why did no one tell me?! xxAT

Photo Jul 21, 4 20 36 PM (HDR)

{1} My mom gifted me with these beautiful Ray-Ban Wayfarers last weekend and I’ve worn them every day since. The cafe au lait color is TDF, right?
{2} There are few things better than lighting a brand new candle, especially when said candle features the summery scent of pineapple cilantro. Yum.
{3} I have a good deal of travel coming up, so I finally ordered a mini travel steamer after years of wanting/needing one. Can’t wait to test it out!
{4} Like I mentioned above, my OBX sunburn is out of control. Peeling, itching, flaking — ugh. Aloe vera gel has become my new best friend during these trying times.

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