The Skin I’m In: Enhance

This is the fourth and final installment in the SKIN I’M IN series, which I hope you enjoyed and applied to your beauty regimen. We’re at the ENHANCE phase, which is all about taking that thoroughly-cleansed, perfectly-protected and deeply-moisturized face to the next level! So, let’s get pretty.xxAT

Photo Jun 26, 9 56 48 AM (HDR)
I’ve never been a fan of airbrushing, as good as the end results may look. But, I’ll make an exception when it comes to this tiny wonder. A pea-sized squirt or two of Miracle Blur goes a loooooong way, evening out your skin and making your face look like it’s been Photoshopped. Literally. It is seriously amazing.

Photo Jun 26, 9 45 15 AM

As I mentioned in the first Skin I’m In post on cleansing, since using my Clarisonic regularly, I wear much less makeup now. At this point, actually, I only wear foundation and bottom eyeliner when I’m going to be on camera or for a special event. And, this is coming from a former hardcore bottom liner girl. Now, I just rely on a few swirls of MAC’s Studio Careblend Pressed Powder and a bit of Milani’s inexpensive-but-effective Baked Bronzer. I get a flawless, smooth look without all the weight of numerous products.

Photo Jun 26, 9 51 06 AM

Dark-skinned women have the luxury of wearing the brightest and boldest shades of blush available, so I take advantage of that option with this Burberry shade appropriately named ‘Hydrangea.’ Warm metallic shades also look good on us, so my daily eyeshadow is this bronze-y color from Makeup Forever that absolutely does not budge. And, now that I’ve mostly abandoned bottom liner, I focus on the upper lid, using a precision felt-tip liquid liner from NARS in a lovely shade of navy.Β 

Photo Jun 26, 9 55 10 AM

Plenty of my recent style posts have featured this perfect tube of ‘Red Sinner‘ from Lipstick Queen. I’m pretty much obsessed with it at this point, and you probably should have bought it by now. My everyday lip color is a combo of NARS’ Satin lip pencil in ‘Biscayne Park‘ and a slight swipe of coral lip glossΒ that come together for a top-notch nude.

Photo Jun 26, 9 53 48 AMFinally, to complete my makeup routine, I obviously need a little drugstore mascara, a few dabs of drugstore concealer and beautifully-shaped brows. I learned an amazing brow-shaping trick that I’ll share in a future post, but for now, all you brunettes run to your local MAC story to pick up their ‘Brun‘ eyeshadow. Most. perfect. brow. color. ever.

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