The Skin I’m In: Quench

Another week, another round of skincare tips and favorites from yours truly!
This go ’round, we’re feeding our skin — literally. Moisturizing the face and neck is an absolutely essential, non-negotiable, gotta-be-done step morning and night. I have combination skin with dry areas at the cheeks and mouth and a little more oil around the nose and forehead. In addition to drinking plenty of water each day, I use the following collection of moisturizers regularly keep my entire visage in check after cleansing and before makeup. xxAT

Photo Jun 19, 6 49 36 AM (HDR)

Credentials | Calendula oil free creme
NARS | Aqua gel luminous oil-free moisturizer
Bona Clara | 30s Anti-aging night cream
Sunday Riley | ‘Juno’ transformative lipid serum
Lancome | Absolue sublime oleo-serum
Origins | ‘Drink-up Intensive’ overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst
Philosophy | ‘hope in a jar’

Photo Jun 19, 6 30 28 AM (HDR)

Credentials’ calendula creme is the companion to my favorite cleanser, which you may remember from the first Skin I’m In post. While I don’t use the moisturizer as frequently as I do the cleanser, its gel texture and light feel make me think I’ll be reaching for it a lot more this hot, sticky summer. 

Photo Jun 19, 6 26 16 AM

Speaking of hot and sticky, NARs’ oil-free moisturizer is a must as temperatures spike. Just seeing the words “aqua gel” help cool me down and this featherweight moisturizer is a champ underneath makeup.

Photo Jun 19, 6 29 24 AM

Washing my face before bed often feels more like a chore than a treat, but knowing that at the end of it, I get to slather on Bona Clara’s anti-aging night cream makes it so much more bearable. I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER. No, like i’m actually obsessed with it and get anxious thinking about the night that I squeeze out the final glorious drops. It’s that amazing.

Photo Jun 19, 6 24 10 AM

Okay, I know I just finished gushing, but bear with me as I fawn over another favorite. Sunday Riley is one of the most results-driven, luxe skincare lines out there — with a price tage to match. But, it’s money well-spent when you see your face literally change before your eyes. Their ‘Juno’ serum is a combination of cold-pressed oils that truly do give the “obsession-worthy glow” advertised right on the bottle. You may not be able to tell from this photos, but there are literally only like three more drops of oil in my bottle, which I refuse to use. Once, Chris asked what would happen if I came home and found that he’d emptied the bottle. Let’s just say my response didn’t involve a hug and a kiss…

Photo Jun 19, 7 01 40 AM

When I need an extra boost of moisture, especially during the winter, I sleep in Origins’ delicious-smelling overnight mask that leaves my skin soft and quenched the next morning. I like it so much, in fact, that I don’t even mind getting a little on my pillowcase.

Photo Jun 19, 6 28 18 AM

Just as the photo implies, this is a luxe serum that is not necessarily ideal for everyday use. I’ve taken to using this moisturizer only on days when I know I’m going to be photographed or appear on camera. It has a luminous quality that definitely helps me glow when I need to.

Photo Jun 19, 6 27 20 AMAh, ‘hope in a jar.’ What an outstanding moisturizer and friend. Following my mother’s lead, I’ve been using this miracle worker for years, and it’s never let me down. It’s whipped to creamy confection, smells like heaven and makes my face feel like that proverbial baby booty. I will always use this product. Always. Times infinity.

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