The Skin I’m In: Protect + Maintain

Welcome back to the T.I.A. skin series! As promised, here’s the second installment of ‘The Skin I’m In‘ with a focus on protection and maintenance for the week. To truly achieve a healthy and effective skincare regimen, you must shield your skin from the sun,  the elements and even your own bad habits (like not washing your face at night!). These fabulous products help keep my skin safe and ready to face another day. (No pun intended.) xxAT

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It’s never too early to begin investing in your skin’s future. As we all know, it’s the body’s largest organ and your face is the first thing people see, so keeping it all as tip-top as possible for as long as you can is key. L’Oreal’s Youth Code Corrector Serum is a great pre-moisturizer base since it’s light and absorbs quickly. Bona Clara has a great line of products for skin at every age, and I use their 30s Serum about once a week before bed for added mositure.

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Daily sun protection is an absolute must. Even on cloudy days, I make sure to wear sunscreen underneath my makeup. For dark-skinned women, finding a good facial sunscreen that doesn’t leave you looking ashen can be a bit difficult, so when you find one you like, you stick with it. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Antioxidant Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and L’Oreal’s Youth Code SPF 30 Day Cream are both keepers. They blend in beautifully without any chalkiness or greasy residue. 

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When it’s time to get super serious about blocking some rays, I turn to Supergoop and their seemingly endless array of suncare products that are mostly fragrance-free and majorly effective. The SPF 30 Anti-aging Sunscreen City Serum and SPF 37 Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream are lightweight and perfect for everyday use under makeup. The SPF 40 Antioxidant-infused Sunscreen Day Cream is heavier and great for long days outdoors at a ballgame or the beach. And, the SPF 30+ UVA/UVB AcaiFusion Lip Balm is a wonderful protective addition to my makeup bag.

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My mother definitely passed down her obsession with eye creams to me and Amelia, and like dutiful little soldiers, we slather the stuff on daily. I rotate between these three winners and the Supergoop eye cream mentioned above. Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff does exactly what it promises with a creamy consistency that smells great. Total Replenishing Eye Cream from NARS is perfect for the days that I wake up looking a little tired, and Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo is a double dose of goodness.

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It’s rare that I get a pimple, but when I do, I bust out the big guns: Bliss’ No ‘Zit’ Sherlock Breakout-busting Rubberizing Mask. Mix the powder with water, spread it on with a tongue depressor and wait about 10 minutes for the mask to get rubbery (it’s actually kind of cool) and — voila! – blemish-free. No Zit’s cousin, Fabulous Skin-reviving Rubberizing Mask, more than lives up to the hype, too. After one use, it felt like I had a brand-new, pillowy soft face! (Note: There’s enough mix for two applications per packet, so I share my excess with Chris and he loves it.) Lastly, just a dab of Nip + Fab’s Pigmentation Fix Skin Tone Corrector helps even things out — especially under the eyes for those splotchy, hyperpigmented days.

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