Solo dolo

Each June, Chris travels to Montreal with his best friends for a long weekend to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix and have big Canadian fun. Of course I miss him, but actually, I look forward to his annual vacay almost as much as he does. It’s nice to have four or so days to myself as a “single” girl where I can do/eat/watch whatever I want. Obviously, I haven’t hosted a rave at the house or painted the bedroom hot pink, but still, it’s great to have a little alone time.

With the weekend to myself, I: hopped on the Metro, strolled through the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian, walked six miles across D.C., finally sunk my teeth into a Shake Shack burger (loved it!), whipped up sweet potato, quinoa & kale ravioli with pesto for dinner, took a morning walk through Georgetown, hit up Drybar for a new ‘do, had brunch with a new friend and attempted to clear out the DVR. I’m headed into work now to write the fashion page for the Tony Awards, which is a definite buzz-killer, but I definitely can’t complain about the rest of my solo dolo weekend. How was yours?xxAT

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