The Skin I’m In: Cleanse

Not to brag, but thanks to a generous helping of outstanding DNA, I’ve been blessed with fabulous skin. I’m frequently complimented on my complexion and whenever someone gives props, I turn right around and give credit where it’s due: Janet Thompson. In addition to being amazingly generous and kind, my mother is also a total hottie. Seriously, she’s flawless.

That said, I’d like to share my skin secrets with you in a four-part series that will detail how I cleanse, protect, quench and enhance my mug. So, be sure to check in each Wednesday throughout June for product roundups and tips. Let’s kick things off with the tools of my master cleanse. Enjoy and please share your favorite cleansers and rituals in the comments section below. Happy cleansing! xxAT

IMG_2970{1} Cetaphil | Gentle Skin Cleanser
{2} Elizabeth Arden | Refining Toner Lotion
{3} Credentials | Deep Purifying Cleanser
{4} Clarisonic | Mia 2 in black leopard
{5} Neutrogena | Wave Power-Cleanser
{6} Origins | Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash
{7} Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford | Skin Softening Cleanser

IMG_2980Trusty old Cetaphil falls pretty low on the glam scale when it comes to facial cleansers, but this classic beauty staple more than lives up to its reputation. I wash my face morning or night with a generous helping of Cetaphil at least twice a week. Because it’s both fragrance and frills-free I never worry about using too much or stripping my skin dry.

IMG_2983Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been a regular astringent user since college, but after a few swipes of this refreshing toner, I was hooked.  It’s become a regular part of my nightly routine and is a great way to ensure that any trace of makeup I may have  missed while washing disappears.

IMG_2986Last fall, my mom came up to New York to hang out while I worked Fashion Week. During one of  my rare moments of free time, we randomly dropped by Gotham Beauty Lounge, an adorable spa/store directly across the street from Bryant Park. My mom is a skincare addict, so of course she talked the lounge pros into giving us each a bagful of samples. Fast forward to this spring when I’m going through my medicine cabinet and stumble upon the Credentials samples we’d gotten. A few clicks later, and we were both eagerly awaiting the delivery of our full-sized cleansers from This lovely-smelling, big-foaming cleanser is my favorite of the moment and I use it most mornings with my Clarisonic or just manually. It leaves your face soft and dewy; simply perfect.

IMG_2985For Christmas last year, my sister gifted my mom and me with Clarisonic cleansers, and I have to say this is one of the best presents I’ve ever received. I use my Mia 2 on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (yes, I’m a dork and keep a schedule) with one of my three gel/cream cleansers and have noticed a huge difference in my skin over the last six months or so. I’m wearing less makeup and have a achieved a definite radiance. This is a game-changing device, people! Worth every penny.

IMG_2987The Wave may be half the size and a fraction of the price of the Mia 2, but trust, it still puts in work. Since I exfoliate regularly with my Clarisonic, I’ve pretty much abandoned scrubs, but for the moments when I need a little polish, I go with this little guy. Pop on one of the disposable cleansing pads and buzz away in all the cracks and crevices. Skin’s as smooth as glass after.

IMG_2981I’ve been an Origins loyalist since high school thanks to my mom, and whenever I use this old standby, it feels like I’ve given my face a bubble bath. C&B isn’t always in the face rotation, especially now that I’m obsessed with Credentials, but Origins will always be in orbit.  Truly classic products.

IMG_2988When I’m in the mood for a cleanser with a little more kick than Cetaphil, but less invigorating than the Credentials, I reach for this mild gel. It came across my desk at work a few months ago, and has proven to be surprisingly effective. Sure, Cindy Crawford knows plenty about beauty, but celeb-produced products are not always superior. Meaningful Beauty, however, is certainly a solid, if not super-exciting product line.

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