His Royal Hotness

IMG_2691I had the honor and privilege to cover a porton of Prince Harry’s DC visit last week, and let me just say, he is … attractive. HRH stopped by Arlington National Cemetery last Friday to pay his respects to his fallen fellow comrades-in-arms.

Obviously, this was not one of those Bieber-squeal appearances for the prince, but rather a solemn and dignified event during which he visited the gravesite of JFK and laid a wreath on The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Still, there’s something about seeing a man in uniform, and obviously Harry is not just some man.

What struck me most was not his boyishly handsome face or that impeccable haircut, but rather the authority and restraint he demonstrated as a man of the military. I’ve never been one to delve too deeply into the culture of the armed services, but the prince, known for being a bit of a fun-loving jester, showed a refreshingly mature side of himself as he saluted, stood at attention and honored those who came before him. Simply put, he was a consummate professional on the world stage and he didn’t even break a sweat.

Now, that’s hot. — xxAT

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