Startin’ somethin’

shadesofebonyMy heart swells when I see black children at Notre Dame not only doing well, but enjoying themselves while excelling. I get doubly excited when I hear about Shades of Ebony, a student group for black women that I co-founded more than a decade ago.

As an earnest and ambitious (read: militant) undergrad, I made it a point to never settle for less when it came to my college experience. And, not to brag, but, ahem, I was also forward-thinking enough to recognize that I had legions of other brown kids coming after me who deserved a similar experience. Hence the brainchild that became Shades.

I’ve watched Shades change and grow and prosper and falter and expand over the past 10 years, and like many a proud but restrained parent, have been modest in my praise and economical in my promotion. But, today they deserve a huge round of applause, which I happily and heartily give. Bravo, ladies! — xxAT

“Shades of Ebony honors coeducation” | The Observer | 4.5.13

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