xxAT-welcomeAnother year, another blog. This ain’t my first rodeo, but I’m hoping that THIS IS ARIENNE will become a destination not only for you, dear reader, but also for me. I want it to be a space and a place where the thoughts flow freely, the work is shared frequently and my life is put on display (mostly) unfiltered.

Many of you may already follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the ever-popular BlackPeopleMeet.com (I keed, I keed), but I thought it might be time to craft a central xxAT hub.

An arena that’s more about who I really am rather than slivers of me seen through random photo posts and self-promotional status updates. (We’re all guilty.)

Here, you’ll discover, along with me, what inspires me, what propels me, what annoys me (obviously) and what compels me. Not to put too dramatic a point on things, but here I hope to give you a more multi-faceted me.

If you’re down with that, kick off your shoes, plop down in the grass and pop this, um, harmless red pill. It’ll be fun — promise. xxAT

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